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Upside-Down Car Loans | DMV.ORG – Being upside down on a car loan presents a number of problems, but there are ways to get above water. What Is an Upside-Down Car Loan? An upside-down car loan, also known as an "under water car loan" or "being under water," means you currently owe more on your auto loan than the vehicle is actually worth.

Record number of car buyers upside down’ on trade-ins – . consumers trading in vehicles that are worth less than what the borrowers owe on their loans. In auto finance parlance, these folks are underwater, or upside down. They already are affecting the.

Should you refinance your vehicle loan? (sponsored) – Four reasons to not refinance. Your loan is “upside down.” Lenders may not refinance a vehicle that’s worth less than you owe on your loan. You can get an estimate of your vehicle’s value through.

What to Do with an Upside Down Car Loan – CarsDirect – Refinancing Your Upside Down Auto Loan. If you have been suckered into a car loan in which you owe more money to the lender than the car you bought with the loan is worth, otherwise known as an upside down car loan, a good way to get yourself out of this hole is to refinance your upside down auto loan.

Earnest Money Mortgage 8 earnest-money deposit mistakes home Buyers Live to Regret. – Mistake No. 1: Not understanding what an earnest-money deposit is. The earnest-money deposit is a negotiable amount between the buyer and seller, but usually about 1% to 2% of the purchase price (although it can shoot up to 10%). This money is generally held by the seller’s broker or a title company, to be used as a credit toward the down payment and closing costs.

How to Handle an Upside-Down Car Loan – MagnifyMoney – Part III: What to watch out for when you have an upside-down car loan.. use the proceeds to pay down the balance of the car loan, then refinance the remaining.

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Prepayment Penalty Clause Prepayment penalty: What to watch out for | Credit Karma – How to deal with prepayment penalties on an existing loan Do you have a loan, but are unsure if it includes a prepayment penalty clause? If you have a mortgage, check your closing documents, monthly billing statements, your loan coupon book and in any interest rate adjustments.

Late car payments drive rise in fixed-loan delinquencies – Still, people with credit card debt often struggle with car loans and mortgages, too. "We’ve run into consumers in class with upside-down car loans, where the value of the car is worth less than what.

An upside down mortgage is one where the balance remaining on the loan exceeds the value of a home. If you have an upside down mortgage, then you actually have negative equity in the property currently.